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Forty-Niners Round the Horn
19th Century American Merchant Marine Digital Library

19th Century Merchant Marine

- - - California- - -

A Series of Charts; Ringgold, Cadwalader, 1852
A series of charts with sailing directions, embracing surveys of the Farallones, entrance to the bay of San Francisco, bays of San Francisco and San Pablo, straits of Carquines and Suisun Bay, confluence and deltic branches of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and the Sacramento River (with the middle fork) to the American River, including the cities of Sacramento and Boston, State of California

Adventures of a Forty-Niner; Knower, Daniel, 1894
A historic description of California, with events and ideas of San Francisco and its people in those early days.

California life illustrated; Taylor, William, 1882

Granite crags of California; Gordon-Cumming, Constance Frederica, 1886

Illustrated London News; , 1849
The Gold-Seekers of California

Incidents on land and water; Bates, D. B., 1857
Four years on the Pacific coast, being a narrative of the burning of the ships Nonantum, Humayoon and Fanchon, together with many startling and interesting adventures on sea and land

Journal; Selma (Bark), 1849, April 11 - Oct. 12
Journal kept by Harvey G. Brown, on board the bark Selma of New York, N.Y., Orrin Sellew, master, for a voyage to the California gold fields.. Contains crew list and list of members of the Fremont Mining and Trading Company.

Journal; Reindeer (Ship), 1849-1850
Journal kept by Willard C. Childs, passenger, on board the ship REINDEER of Boston, Mass., John Lord, master, for a coastwise trading voyage. Contains illustrations and carried cargo of passengers. Made 2 ports-of-call, and spoke 7 vessels. (Contains description of life in the gold fields.)

Journal; Spray (Schooner), 1850-1851
Log kept by Alexander Boyd Jr., on board the schooner SPRAY, James Hall, master, for a coastwise trading voyage. Carried passengers and cargo of lumber. Made 5 ports-of-call.

Journal; Amelia (Brig), 1849 - 1850
Log kept by Alexander Boyd, Jr., on board the brig AMELIA [of Passamaquoddy, Maine?], Joseph. Clark, master, for a voyage to the California gold fields. Contains crew list. Made 2 ports-of-call, and spoke 9 vessels. (Contains detailed description of Juan Fernandez, Chile.)

Journal.; Magdala (Bark), 1849, April 29 - Mar. 1.
Journal kept by Humphrey Hill, a passenger aboard the Bark Magdala, George Mason, master, from New York to San Francisco. Hill was a member of the Sacramento Mining & Assaying Association. Volume contains good descriptions of Callao and life aboard ship

Letter; Brewster, Benjamin, 1849 March 4-10
Letter from Benjamin Brewster to his mother in New York, N.Y., describing his trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the brig GEORGE EMERY bound for California and giving his impressions of Rio de Janeiro. Includes a carbon copy.

Letters; Tabele, Montgomery A., 1849
Letter, 1849, from Montgomery A. Tabele, San Francisco, Calif., to his mother probably in New York, N.Y., describing his passage from New York to San Francisco of 186 days in an unnamed vessel. Mentions several vessels with which they sailed in company but devotes much attention to the Straits of Magellan. Also talks about meeting several other San Francisco bound vessels in the Straits and sailing several days in company with the Schooner ROE.

Letters; Hanson, Henry, 1867
Letters, 1867, written by Capt. Henry Hanson on board the Ship Good Hope on a voyage around Cape Horn enroute to California. Letters, addressed to "Mr. Wikoff", "Friend W." and "My dear little friend" joke about the rounding the Horn and about setting up a farm in Terra del Feugo, and Patagonia with a natural grazing pasture in the Falkand Islands. Includes a map of the proposed farm with tracks for the voyages of the Ships Good Hope and Wild Pigeon.

Letters; Goldsmith, William Douglas, 1838-1849
Letters from a young boy, William Goldsmith, to his little sister Mary, in Mystic Bridge, Conn. William and his family are in New Orleans while Mary lives with Capt. Stephen Morgan's family in Mystic. Goldsmith may be shipping agent doing business with Morgan and other Mystic ships. Letters mention local news (camp meeting, elephants, and family). William leaves for Galveston, TX (1845), and then to California gold fields (1849). Mary weds Nelson Lamb, of Mystic.

Letters; Williams, Horace., 1849, Aug. 14
Letter written at sea aboard ship MAGNOLIA by a passenger, Horace Williams, to his sister Harriet, during a trip from New Bedford to San Francisco. Williams,and several fellow passengers from Augusta, Me., were bound for the California gold fields. His letter contains descriptions of shipboard activity, death of fellow passenger at sea, rounding Cape Horn, and Talcahuano, Chili. Mentions a two day race with Ship SWEDEN of Boston. Magnolia departed New Bedford Feb. 9 & arrived in San Francisco Aug. 28, 1849.

Letters, newspaper clippings, and notes.; Williams, John E., ca. 1896
Letters, newspaper clippings of John E. Williams, master of Mystic built Clipper ANDREW JACKSON. Relative to record making passage (March 1860) of ANDREW JACKSON from N.Y. to San Francisco.

Logbook; Stevens, William Lord, 1849-1850
Volume of verse kept by William Lord Stevens on board the ship Trescott of Mystic, Conn. Includes a poem describing the voyage of a group of Stonington and New London men to the California gold fields.

Logbook; Sabina (Ship), 1849, Feb. 8 -1850, May 11.
Journal kept by Henry Green, master, on board the ship SABINA of Greenport, New York, for a passage to the California gold fields. Contains list of members and officers of the Southampton and California Mining and Trading Co., crew list, passenger list;

Logbook; Sweden (Ship), 1849
Logbook, 1849, kept on board the ship SWEDEN bound from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. Logbook kept by Benjamin Bailey traveling to California in company with other gold seekers. Bailey details life at sea including Sunday services, the July Fourth celebration, the bad food they were served, the birth of the Captain's child, death of a passenger, meeting the ship MAGNOLIA,

Logbook.; Gazelle (Schooner), 1850
Logbook, 1850, kept on board the schooner GAZELLE by Orlando Stoddard, Daniel Stoddard master. The Gazelle traveled back and forth between San Francisco, California and various ports in Hawaii, transporting various cargoes including fruits, vegetables an

Map; Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning., 1855
Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the West Indies with Central America showing all the routes to California, with a table of distances.

Notice to mariners; , 1858, March 18
Broadside of a Notice to Mariners concerning the establishment of a Bell Boat just outside the bar, at the entrance to San Francisco Bay, California, includes notification that the Fog Gun Signal at Point Bonita is discontinued.

Papers; Boyd, Thomas, 1852-1854
Papers of Thomas Boyd of Boston, Mass., including a map kept by Boyd during a passage from Boston to San Francisco on board the clipper ship GOLDEN FLEECE of Boston, letters of Boyd to his daughters in Boston, and two sketches of Cape Horn.

Papers; Childs, Willard Curtis, 1849-1914
Papers of Williard Curtis Childs of Natick, Mass., a California 49er on the maiden passage of the clipper ship REINDEER of Boston, Mass., John Lord, master. Papes include a Massachusetts passport, cabin ticket, biographical sketch from the Dec. 15, 1898, issue of the "Natick Review," and obituries

Papers; Union Association of New York, 1849-1850
Papers including the constitution, minutes of meetings, bill of sale, inventory of the schooner PENELOPE (ex SARAH CHURCHMAN) and bills of lading for gold shipped in the steamers PANAMA and CALIFORNIA of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company by the Union Association of New York. Most items are signed by all the members including Samuel Moore, W. Vermeulen, E.F. Strolin, E. Mohr, J.H. Rutenberg, Robert Porter, F.G. Adler, M.D., R. Wunderlich, Henry Volckmann, Charles E. Schirmer, Julius Schultze, and J.H. Siemers.

Sheet music; Moore, Edward, 1849
Sail on, thou gallant bark or the departure of the Californians

The City of the Golden Gate; Scribner's Monthly, 1875