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- - - Amistad- - -

Broadside; Amistad (Schooner), ca. 1840
Advertising "A History of the AMISTAD Captives," by J.W. Barber, which purports to be a true account of that Spanish schooner's capture by slaves, the death of Capt. Ferrer and ordeals of the crew members, Ruiz and Montez; including the vessel being retak

Letter; Wilcox, Luis Norris, 1839 September 6
Letter, 1839 September 6, from Luis Norris Wilcox, United States Marshal for the district of Connecticut of New London, Connecticut to Erastus Osborn of Binghampton, New York, asking for aid unloading cargo and processing prisoners regarding the arrival of the schooner AMISTAD.