Mystic Seaport Collections: Digital Exhibits

Charles W. Morgan Sources: Built in 1841 and operating successfully for decades the Charles W. Morgan created an extensive historical record. View crew lists, plans, artifacts, logbooks, papers and FAQs that record her history.
Image Archive: While Mystic Seaports' collection of art, objects, photographs, and ships plans number in the millions only a small percent, roughly 5% or approximately 10,000 items have been scanned. That isn't all the collection but it is enough to keep many researchers, folks with general interest in various maritime maters, or just the plain curious, plenty busy.
Mystic Seaport Marine Engines: Information and photos of over 280 unique representations of marine engines. Spanning the years from 1880 - 1980 the collection includes inboards, outboards that are steam, electric, gas, diesel and naptha powered and built by over 30 manufactures.
19th Century Merchant Marine: Learn about 19th Century Shipping and Trade.: A digital repository of over 120,000 pages of material available online. The project centers on merchant vessels of the nineteenth century, the people who owned and sailed them, and the records pertaining to them. Merchant ships were the backbone of the American economy and culture through the nineteenth century.
San Francisco Shanghaiing: A databse of information gathered from the ledger book of a 19th century shipping master, James Laflin. Every man who shipped out of San Francisco, save the captain and certain mates, shipped through Laflin and his name is recorded in Laflin's pages, and every shanghaier signed that ledger when he or she received their due bill.
Connecticut History Online: Connecticut History Online (CHO) is a digital collection of over 15,000 digital primary sources, many from Mystic Seaports' collections together with associated interpretive and educational material.
Westward by Sea: Collection of unique maritime materials offering a rich look at the events, culture, beliefs, and personal experiences associated with the settlement of California, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest. Includes a number of photographs, paintings, maps, and nautical charts are also included to illustrate the story of Americans’ western seaborne travel.
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