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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Jane Gray (Schooner)

Whaling Voyage: 09-Mar-88 to
Agent(s): Kelley, William H.
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Kelley, W. H. Master 0 0
Cleveland, A. H. 1st mate
Greenwood, W. J. 2nd mate
Pease, Henry H. Boatsteerer 75
Muller, Wm. Steward 75
Cleveland, George G. previous Cook & Seaman 40
Carr, Ed. Greenhand 40
Brown, Robert Seaman 40
Over, Harry Seaman 40
Levoy, Denis Seaman 40
Daley, Frank Seaman 40
Chapman, Richard Seaman 40
Moore, George Seaman 40
Kerr, C. F. Seaman 40
Nolan, Geo. Seaman 40
Gardener, William Greenhand 40
Christensen, Chris Greenhand 40
Amanto, Jolo Greenhand 40
Means, Geo. W. Greenhand 40
Wilson, John Greenhand 40
O'Neil, Chas. Seaman 40
Clark, Thomas 3rd mate & Boatsteerer 100