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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Rosario (Schooner)

Whaling Voyage: 08-Mar-88 to 03-Nov-88
Pounds of Baleen: 12000
Other Cargo: ivory 110#
Agent(s): Wright, Bowne
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Barker, F. A. Master 0 0
Fitzgerald, James Seaman 60
Cunningham, John Seaman 60
Whatmongh, Geo. Seaman 60
Brown, Sam Boatsteerer 125
Bolles, E. H. 1st mate
Fisher, C. H. 2nd mate
Lomba, Jose de 3rd mate
Johnson, John E. Boatsteerer
Dent, Geo. S. Cabin Boy & previous Boatsteerer
Eldridge, Frank Boatsteerer 75
Eldridge, Frank Boatsteerer 50
Shawen, C. E. Greenhand 50
Begerois, Fritz Carpenter & Cooper 60
Osario, Enrique Greenhand 50
Shiray, P. J. Steward 100
Hayakawa, H. Cook 100
Brown, The. Seaman 60
Smith, Paul Greenhand 50
Brons, Cornelius v. Keule Seaman 60
Chilley, William Seaman 60
Gaffney, Patrick Greenhand 50
Baldwin, W. P. Greenhand 50
Battise, F. F. Greenhand 50
Armstrong, James J. Greenhand 50