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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Helen Mar (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 16-Dec-87 to 03-Nov-88
Agent(s): Wright, Bowne
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Ellis, T. L. Master 0 0
Gallagher, John 1st Mate north
Silva, Manuel 2nd Mate & 1st Mate between seasons
Mahen, James H. 3rd mate
Ward, William 4th mate
Rivers, Joseph Seaman 50
Oyander, Francisco A. Greenhand 50
Ryan, Edward Greenhand 50
Campbell, Frank Greenhand 50
Johnston, Chas. Greenhand 50
Cluckei, Jeph Greenhand 50
Browne, Alex Wilhelm Seaman 50
Johnson, Thomas Seaman 60
Axel, Eric Greenhand 50
McGuire, Pat Greenhand 50
Adler, Henry Seaman 50
Borrman, Henry Seaman 50
Rivers, John Seaman 50
Rotoma, Manuel Seaman 50
Ellsworth, James Blacksmith 60
Seal, Henry Seaman 50
Leonard, Patrick Cabin Boy 0
Katals, Hats Seaman 50
Monson, John Carpenter & Engineer 80
Lopes, Manuel Cook 125
Lopes, Manuel Cook 20
Bigom, Edward
Bartholemew, Seth Steerage Boy 50
Lincoln, W. H. 5th mate & Boatsteerer
Mapes, John E. Boatsteerer
Bradley, Eastman Boatsteerer 100
Paahao, Sam Boatsteerer
Strong, Charles G. Greenhand 50
Brayne, Chas. S. Greenhand 50
Japan, Takata Seaman 50
Johnson, W. Seaman 50
Busby, Henry Steward 14
Clark, Colbert S. Greenhand 90
Muller, Geo. Greenhand 50