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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Bounding Billow (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 06-Dec-87 to 03-Nov-88
Barrels of Whale Oil: 200
Pounds of Baleen: 5000
Other Cargo: ivory 90 #
Agent(s): Wright, Bowne
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Lombard, John Boatsteerer
Ludlow, E. A. Master 0 0
Hancock, John 4th mate
Norris, Thos. Seaman 50
Sullivan, John Seaman 60
Jason, John Boatsteerer 49
Jason, John Boatsteerer 52
Cathcart, Geo. Boatsteerer 80
Blair, Martin 3rd mate
Spiering, A. 2nd mate
McDonald, James Cooper, Asst. & Greenhand 50
McMahan, Wm. Seaman 50
Murray, James Boatsteerer 100
Huntley, A. 1st mate
Convair, G. W. Boatsteerer 100
Alberry, John Steward 110
Ross, Henry Cook 100
Jaiepriss, T. Seaman 60
Japan, Hanaka Seaman 50
Ray, James Greenhand 50
Lowe, Chas. Seaman 60
Yamanaka Greenhand 50
Dennis, H. Greenhand 50
Murphy, John Greenhand 50
Hanrahan, Tom Greenhand 50
Finlay, Chas. Greenhand 50
Schubel, Geo. Greenhand 50
Winz, John Greenhand 50
Solomon, Alphons Greenhand 50
Strohm, H. M. Greenhand 50
Napoleon, J. K. Cabin Boy 50
Walter, Chas. Carpenter & Greenhand 60
Merry, Antonio Seaman 50