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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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William Baylies (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 22-Nov-87 to 05-Nov-88
Barrels of Whale Oil: 750
Pounds of Baleen: 14000
Agent(s): Lewis, William
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Montross, Horace B. Master 0 0
Robinson, William R. 1st mate
Braley, Chas. F. 3rd Mate
Rickerby, Thos. 4th mate 150
Gaynor, Geo. Boatsteerer 80
Fortes, Joseph 5th mate & Boatsteerer 170
Garcio, John Seaman 50
Johnson, Christ Engineer & Seaman 65
Scott, Chas. Greenhand 50
Westaway, Thomas Seaman 50
Jenson, Godfrey Greenhand 50
Sammel, Chas. Seaman 50
Hyde, W. M. Seaman 50
Cartes, Joseph Seaman 50
Connell, G. M. Seaman 50
Hein, C. Cooper 150
Silvia, John Seaman 50
Stetson, Chas. A. Seaman 50
Martin, Wm. Seaman 50
Haley, Chas. H. Seaman 50
Bennett, Frank Greenhand 50
Stebbins, Chas. Seaman 50
Vigol, John Seaman 50
Meinardes, Gerhard Seaman 50
Dunn, Walter Seaman 50
Fratus, John Seaman 50
Dois, Joe Seaman 50
Fitzgerald, C. W. Boatsteerer 100
Lowe, Wm. Boatsteerer 115
Gould, John Steward
Seymoore, E. Cook 110