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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Fleetwing (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 11-Dec-86 to 05-Nov-87
Barrels of Sperm Oil: 0
Barrels of Whale Oil: 700
Pounds of Baleen: 15000
Agent(s): Wing, J. & W. R.
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Gifford, H. M. Master 0 0
Gifford, Chas. F. 1st Mate & Mstr. Between seasons
Wallace, Jas. D. Greenhand 45
Williams, Geo. Greenhand 45
Wolf, John Carpenter & Cooper 150
Duff, Alfred Greenhand 50
Brown, George Seaman 50
Frye, Albert Greenhand 50
Sanches, Emilio A. Cabin boy 60
Baptist, Carl Seaman 60
Nickolas, Victor Boatsteerer 110
Stacey, Jack Seaman (able) 65
Pena, Jose Boatsteerer 125
Smith, Henry 5th mate 150
Edwards, Chas. Blacksmith & Seaman 70
Stanton, Chas. Carpenter, Asst. & Seaman 50
Barrett, Louis J. Boatsteerer 100
Antonio, A. Seaman 50
Silva, Joseph previous Boatsteerer & Seaman 60
Santa Anna Seaman 50
Garcia, Juan Seaman 50
Rosa, Benjamin Boatsteerer 100
Kennedy, Albert Seaman 60
Wilde, W. W. Steward 80
Penniman, Eugene B. 2nd Mate & 1st Mate between seasons
Calval, Antone 3rd Mate & 2nd Mate between seasons
Rodrick, Hennick 4th Mate & 3rd Mate between seasons 100
McKenzie, H. Seaman 50
Williams, John Seaman 50
Kennell, Albert Seaman 50
Tavares, Manuel Seaman 60
McCanley, Jas. F. Cook 90
Bern, Emil Cooper, Asst. & Seaman 60
Joseph, Antone Seaman 60
Torres, Mariano Seaman 50
Santos, John Steerage Boy 45
Miller, John Carpenter & Seaman 75