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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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William H. Meyer (Brig)

Whaling Voyage: 22-Mar-90 to 29-Oct-90
Barrels of Whale Oil: 103
Pounds of Baleen: 2510
Number of Whales: 1
Agent(s): McKenna, James
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Bolles, E. H. Master 0 0
Richardson, C. H. Boatheader
Cooper, Abram F. 2nd mate
Chace, Joseph 3rd mate
Valdes, Francisco Seaman 50
Leitzman, Paul Greenhand 50
Grace, Thomas Greenhand 50
Lanley, Jacob Greenhand 50
Menson, Geo. Greenhand 50
Schroeder, John Seaman 50
Wilson, John Greenhand 50
Smith, Henry Seaman 50
Hay, Wm.G. Greenhand 50
Torres, Jose Seaman 50
Johnson, Daniel Greenhand 50
Dalton, Albert Seaman 50
Taylor, Wm. Cabin Boy
Laise, E. Cooper
Sullivan, Geo. Seaman 50
Phillips, F. H. Greenhand 50
Dunn, Fred Greenhand 50
Withers, Wm. Cook
Ackers, J. J. Boatsteerer
Roberts, G. E. Blacksmith & Seaman
Agren, Chas. J. Carpenter
Blackman, Frank Steerage Boy 50
Fernandes, John 4th mate
James, Albert E. Boatsteerer
Manuel, Jas. Boatsteerer
Sanches, Frank Boatsteerer
Casey, John A. Steward
Hamilton, Geo. Seaman 50
O'Brien, Timothy Greenhand 50
O'Hara, John Boatsteerer