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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Hidalgo (Brig)

Whaling Voyage: 25-Jan-87 to 04-Nov-87
Barrels of Sperm Oil: 0
Barrels of Whale Oil: 450
Pounds of Baleen: 15800
Agent(s): Wright, Bowne
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Williams, L. W. Master 0 0
Spiering, A. 2nd mate 150
Macomber, James 3rd mate
Shed, Chas. F. Cooper
Sullivan, James Boatsteerer
Martino, John Boatsteerer 70
Midleton, David Cook 100
Hefferman, Chas. A. Greenhand 50
Wright, Chas. E Greenhand 50
Belden, E. A. T. Seaman 50
Birch, Frank Greenhand 50
Claus, G. A. Seaman 50
Greenholm, Victor Seaman 50
Lindholm, C. Seaman 50
McCarlty, James Greenhand 50
Smith, Chas. Greenhand 50
McKenzie, Wm. Seaman 50
Peterson, August Seaman 50
Ross, Chas. Seaman 50
Sheehan, Wm. Seaman 50
Colvin, Norwood A. Greenhand 50
Gribbin, Thos. Greenhand 50
Borja, Jose Boatsteerer 80
Savage, W. F. Greenhand 50
Naskin, Samuel Steward 100
Larsen, Lewis Seaman 50
Coffin, Edwin 1st mate