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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Andrew Hicks (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 04-Dec-89 to 07-Nov-90
Barrels of Sperm Oil: 30
Barrels of Whale Oil: 125
Pounds of Baleen: 3700
Number of Whales: 2
Other Cargo: ivory 60#
Agent(s): Lewis, William
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Adams, D. B. Master 0 0
Donaldson, G. L. 1st Mate & Master between seasons
Dias, Ignacio N. 2nd mate
Varnum, W. S. 3rd mate 75
Brown, W. R. Greenhand 50
Kelley, John Seaman 50
Castro, Jesus Seaman 50
Tower, Chas. Seaman 50
Koch, Chas. Greenhand 50
Palache, Antone Seaman 50
Kanaka, Tom Seaman 50
Roulino, Frank Seaman
Guerro, Besinto Steerage Boy 50
Aney, Elihu Seaman 50
Japan, Jim Seaman 50
Pena, Manuel Seaman 50
Conner, Dan Seaman 50
Antone, Manuel Steward 120
Williams, Chas. Cook 80
Jennings, Geo. S. Cooper & Engineer 185
Lester, John Carpenter 75
Ashe, Wm. Greenhand 50
O'Keefe, T. Boatsteerer 175
Howland, Wm. Greenhand 50
Murphy, Wm. Greenhand 50
Convay, J. J. Greenhand 50
Harris, Geo. Greenhand 50
Roberts, N. C. Boatsteerer 130
Rodrigues, Antonio Boatsteerer 175
Joaquin, Antone Boatsteerer 110
Babtista, Joe Boatsteerer 120
Heckman, Geo. Seaman 50
Thompson, W. J. Greenhand 50
Franks, John N. Greenhand 50
Pyne, Geo. M. Greenhand 50
Howard, Geo. Seaman 50
Green, James Cabin Boy 50
Gersphini, Antone Seaman 50
Coleman, Chas. Seaman 50
Leontre, Jose Seaman 50
Francis, Manuel 4th mate