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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Sea Breeze (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 01-Dec-89 to 29-Oct-90
Barrels of Whale Oil: 500
Pounds of Baleen: 12300
Number of Whales: 3
Agent(s): McKenna, James
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Green, F. M. Master 0 0
Buckley, C. E. 1st mate
Yellott, Thomas 2nd mate
Thurston, Joseph 3rd mate
Saulin, Henry Seaman 50
Peres, Vicento Seaman 50
Trito, Peter Seaman 50
Dick, Diemond Seaman 50
Lester, H. Seaman 50
Heffern, H. Seaman 50
Boege, H. Seaman 50
Eales, E. Seaman 50
Simms, J. Seaman 50
Storey, James Seaman 50
Clark, James Previous Boatsteerer 50
Gavido, Juan Seaman 50
Lizama, Vicento Seaman 50
Green, C. B. Cabin Boy 50
Ebeling, Rein Seaman 50
King, Jerry Steerage Boy 50
McCormick, J. Seaman 50
Drennen, H. Seaman 50
Boyle, Chas. Boatsteerer
Linchecombe, J. B. Steward
Roza, Theophile Cook
Rennison, James Carpenter & Cooper
Convay, John Blacksmith & Engineer
McIntyre, Chas. Boatsteerer
Nickita, Victor Boatsteerer
Sweeney, Daniel Boatsteerer
Haskins, Dan Boatsteerer
Porter, Gus Seaman 50
Neuman, P. Seaman 50
Faria, John Seaman 50
Erb, Christian Seaman 50
Gagnon, John Seaman 50
Carillo, Ramon Seaman 50
Griffith, John R. Greenhand
Peters, Joe 4th mate