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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Mary H Thomas (Schooner)

Whaling Voyage: 26-Feb-89 to 11-Nov-89
Pounds of Baleen: 200
Number of Whales: 0
Other Cargo: ivory 400#
Agent(s): Liebes, H.
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Lombard, John Boatsteerer 125
Smith, Rufus D. 1st mate
Ennis, Frank Seaman 50
Carroll, D. A. Seaman 50
Smith, Geo. A. 3rd mate
Chris, Chas.
Walters, Richard Seaman 50
Smith, Saml. P. Master 0 0
Mazelton, John R. Boatsteerer 125
Hauser, H. Seaman 50
Perrera, Jose Boatsteerer 93
Perrera, Jose Boatsteerer 67
Shindo, W. Steward 100
Ken, Suyaki Cook 100
Reiner, Fred Seaman 50
Porter, Hebert Carpenter & Seaman 50
Waterson, Wm. Seaman 50
Walters, S. A. Seaman 50
Higgins, Thomas Seaman 50
Quigley, Chas. W. Seaman 50
Cummings, Sydney A. Seaman 50
Nolan, Frank Seaman 50
Quinn, Walter Seaman 50
Sheen, W. Seaman 50