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San Francisco Shanghaiers

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Lancer (Bark)

Whaling Voyage: 03-Nov-88 to 05-Nov-89
Barrels of Whale Oil: 150
Pounds of Baleen: 4000
Number of Whales: 2
Agent(s): Lewis, William
Voyage Notes

Crew List:
Name: Position: Advance: Lay:
Blossom, B. C. Master 0 0
Tripp, F. F. 1st mate
Motto, Hussie Seaman 50
Booker, Arrin Boatsteerer 110
Barber, Abram Seaman 50
Wilson, George Carpenter & Greenhand 60
Collins, Garry C. Greenhand 50
Kelley, John Greenhand 50
Hakey, Peter Greenhand 50
Harris, E. D. Carpenter & Cooper 130
Sasake, Masakichi Steerage Boy 50
Stee Tommy Seaman 50
Auberry, John Seaman 50
Cardoza, Fred Boatsteerer 115
Joshitiki, Sadogero Steward 100
Kawamoto, Kitshitar Cook 100
Kenney, Henry Engineer 100
Pardee, J. W. 4th mate
Simmons, Samuel 5th mate & Boatsteerer 160
Joseph, John Boatsteerer 130
Borden, Frank B. Boatsteerer 125
Miner, E. E. Greenhand 50
Meeham, Thos. Greenhand 50
Wenzel, Louis Greenhand 50
Puckle, H. S. E. Greenhand 50
Lindy, J. E. Greenhand 50
Pyle, C. E. Greenhand 50
Floeshinger, Adam Greenhand 50
Ross, William F 2nd mate
Sloan, T. G. 3rd mate
Prosser, James Boatheader
Tyler, Frank Greenhand 50
Langhlin, S. Greenhand 50
Tobiason, T. Seaman 50
Lester, John Carpenter 75
Harris, John G. Greenhand 50
Nordmann, H. Seaman 50
Burns, E. Harry Seaman 50
Shitchi, Otto Seaman 50