ROBIN HOOD, ship, of Mystic. Built at Boston, Massachusetts, 1824. 395 37/95 tons: 113' 9" x 27' lO" x l3' 11". Two decks, three masts, square stem, billet head. Previously registered at Boston, Massachusetts June 22, 1841.

Registered, Stonington, no. 19, October 1, 1845.
Home port, Mystic.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 10, October 7, 1848.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 7, July 9, 1849.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 12, September 9, 1851.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 7, October 4, 1854.

Avery, James A.
Babcock, Rouse
Burrows, Denison
Clark, James H.
Coit, Robert
Cook, Nehemiah B.
Douglas, A. G.
Faxon, Elisha
Faxon, Elisha, Heirs of
Greenman, George
Greenman (Geo.) & Co.
Griswold, Joseph
Kunhardt, George E.
Langworthy, George
Langworthy, Henry D.
Lester, Joshua H.
McGinley, John
Macy (Josiah) & Sons
Mallory, Charles
Mallory, David D.
Mallory, George W.
Miner, Isaac D.
Pendleton, William
Potter, James
Potter, Joseph
Potter, Thomas W.
Randall, Thomas
Reynolds, Benjamin
Willetts, Amos
Willetts, Samuel
Willetts & Co.
Williams, Charles P.

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