BINGHAM, ship, of New London. Built at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1804. 375 17/95 tons: 101' 2" x 29' 2" x 14' 7". Two decks, three masts, square stem, male figurehead. Previously registered at New Orleans, Louisiana, December 11, 1829.

Registered, New London, no. 4, April 20, 1831.

Re-registered, New London, no. 5, April 20, 1831. Home port changed to Groton.

Re-registered, New London, no. 8, May 16, 1832. Home port changed to New London.

Re-registered, New London, no. 8, May 21, 1833.

Re-registered, New London, no. 8, May 24, 1834.

Re-registered, New London, no. 21, August 1, 1836.

Re-registered, New London, no. 12, June 12, 1838. Home port changed to Stonington. Billet head rather than male figurehead.

Enrolled, New London, no. 40, June 26, 1839.

Licensed, New London, no. 4, June 26, 1839.

Re-registered, New London, no. 18, July 10, 1840.
Home port changed to Mystic.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 2, May 21, 1844.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 2, June 26, 1846. Bond for register shows the vessel was condemned at Pacific Ocean, but no date is given.

Albertson, William
Baker, Elisha
Beebe, Silas
Belden, Nathan
Ashby, Simeon W.
Billings, Noyes
Billings, William W.
Brandegee, John
Brown, Benjamin
Butler, John H.
Chappell, David
Chesebro, Ellsworth
Churchill, George
Clift, Ira H.
Cottrell, Joseph
Coit, Robert
Cutler, Charles
Cutler, Eldridge
Denison, John
Edwards, Alfred
Faile, Thomas H.
Faxon, Elisha
Fish, Simeon
Gallup, Erastus
Hobron, Thomas
Latham, Daniel
Learned, Ebenezer
Lester, I. H.
Lewis, George R.
Mallory, Charles
Masons, Nehemiah
Mills & Denison
Miner, Charles
Perkins, Thomas S.
Potter, Thomas
Randall, Jedediah
Rice, John P.
Rogers, Daniels Jr.
Smith, Richard S.
Strickland, C. W.
Stoddard, Benjamin F.
Stoddard, Ralph
Trumbull, John F.
Turner, Elisha
Williams, Charles P.

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