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Accession Number: 2009.22.42
Type: photograph
Date: 1919
Materials: paper
Description: Photograph; CHARLES W. MORGAN and WANDERER; photograph of both whaling barks CHARLES W. MORGAN and WANDERER; handwritten in ink on front of card at the bottom "WANDERER CHARLES W. MORGAN 1919"; photograph on heavy cardstock, and has a strip of a binding material on the left edge, looks as though it was possibly part of a book or a series of photographs of the same nature; many handwritten notes on the back of the card; handwritten in the upper left corner on back in pencil "25" with a circle around it; handwritten on back in black ink, but crossed out "Property of/ William H. Tripp./ Whaling Museum/ New Bedford, Mass."; handwritten in middle of card back in blue ink "Last voyage (to South America)/ under Capt J???? Edward/ Sailed October 20, 1919"; handwritten in ink on lower left side of card back "Bark/ "C.W. Morgan""; handwrittein in ink on lower right side of card back "Bark/ "Wanderer""; handwritten in ink at the bottom of the card back (but crossed out) " --1920--"; handwritten at center, bottom of back of card in pencil "1919".

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