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Title: Photograph of the CHARLES W. MORGAN

Accession Number: 2009.22.12
Type: photograph
Place: USA, MA, Fairhaven
Date: 1923
Materials: paper
Description: Photograph; Photograph of the CHARLES W. MORGAN; From the Eduard Stackpole Collection; black and white photograph of the bow (partial image) of the CHARLES W. MORGAN; faintly seen painted on the side of the ship is "NAUTILUS" (her name as she appeared in the 1923 film "Java Head"); handwritten on the back of the photograph "Whaling Barque Charles W. Morgan/ at Union Wharf, Fairhaven/ June 28, 1923. The painted-out/ name "Nautilus" her name in the/ movie "Java Head" is Plainly seen/ below her original name on the/ topgallant rail."

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