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Title: First day cover for the U.S.S. NEW ORLEANS

Accession Number: 2007.25.24
Type: first day cover
Place: USA, HI, Hilo; USA, MA, Boston
Date: 1934-07-25
Materials: paper
Description: First day cover for the U.S.S. NEW ORLEANS (CA-32, built 1933), heavy cruiser; front of envelope has no cachet, has decorative sticker with the Statue of Liberty standing astride a globe that is partially visible, stars and stripes shield to right, banner wrapped around top of globe "GOD BLESS AMERICA"; stamp on right is an etching of "Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother" by James Whistler (also known as Whistler's Mother), printed on stamp "U.S. POSTAGE/ IN MEMORY/ AND IN HONOR/ OF THE MOTHERS/ OF AMERICA/ THREE CENTS"; stamp postmarked "U.S.S./ JUL/ 25/ 1934/ A.M./ NEW ORLEANS" and "HILO/ T.H."; address typed on front "Lillian Allaby/ Box 234, Sta A/ Boston, Mass."; handwritten on back "4/10" and "10". The U.S.S. NEW ORLEANS was hit by a fragmentation bomb and sustained many injuries during the attack on Pearl Harbor (see correspondence file).

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