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Title: Trade card for Continental Clothing House, Boston

Accession Number: 2005.7.6
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: trade card
Place: USA, MA, Boston
Date: after 1870; before 1900
Materials: paper
Description: Trade card; Continental Clothing House, Boston; front depicts man with mustache and goatee in suit approaching a woman in long dress and bonnet who appears wary, schooner and square-rigged vessel in background; back depicts same man and woman arm-in-arm as well as with another woman while other groups of women look on; printed on front "Can I have the pleasure of seeing/ you home this evening? If so, keep/ my Card; if not, may I sit on the fence/ and see you go by?" and "CONTINENTAL/ Clothing House/ 744, 746, 748 & 750/ Washington Street,/ BOSTON/ The largest wholesale and retail/ Clothing House in New England./ [COPYRIGHTED.]/ OVER."; printed on back "Fitz Herbert having bought/ this Stylish Suit at the/ 'CONTINENTAL,'/ is now so irresistible that the/ girls all want to go home/ with him./ [COPYRIGHTED.]/ OVER."

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