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Title: "Cotton at Houston", Texas, circa 1903

Accession Number: 2005.34.124.4
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: print
Maker: Singer Sewing Machine Company
Place: USA, TX
Date: circa 1903
Materials: paper
Description: Print; "Cotton at Houston", Texas, circa 1903; print from 2005.34.124 in the collection of Captain Richard C. Mears (1829-1899); print copy of a drawing or painting of cotton bales going throug the train station in Houston, Texas; printed on front "COTTON AT HOUSTON"; printed on back (above dividing line) "HOUSTON, TEXAS/ THE City of Houston, Texas, was founded in 1837/ and in 1890 the United States census gave/ Houston a population of only 27,000, which had/ increased in 1900 to 44,663; and it is estimated that in/ 1905 there are not less than 75,000 population within/ the new city limits./ As the State of Texas is by far the greatest cotton/ producing State in the world, so Houston is the banner/ cotton city. Twenty-seven percent. of the entire cotton/ crop of the United States grows within 400 miles of/ Houston, and for the year ending August 31, 1903,/ Houston received 1,927,607 bales, and for 1904,/ 2,003,700 bales and the receipts for 1905 are expected/ to reach 2,500,000 bales./ Houston has the most extensive railroad terminals/ south of St. Lous and the railways pay out in Houston/ more than $7,000,000 annually in wages and salaries./ The vast lumber industries, represented most largely/ by the long leaf pine of this State, are tributary to/ Houston, and Houston is the chief concentrating,/ distributing and supply point; between seven and eight/ hundred millions of feet of manufactured yellow pine/ are yearly handled in Houston alone, worth about $10,500,000./ In addition to many other advantages, the richest/ oil field in the United States is located at Humble,/ Texas, only seventeen miles from the center of Houston,/ thus insuring for all manufacturing purposes the/ cheapest kind of fuel,"; printed on back (below dividing line) "For the Convenience of all Sewing-Machine/ users, there are Singer Stores in every city/ Look for the Red "S"/ When in need of a Sewing-Machine, or/ accessories/ Needles for all makes of Sewing-Machines".

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