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Title: "Sea Wall at Galveston", Texas, circa 1903

Accession Number: 2005.34.124.3
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: print
Maker: Singer Sewing Machine Company
Place: USA, TX, Galveston
Date: circa 1903
Materials: paper
Description: Print; "Sea Wall at Galveston", Texas; print from 2005.34.124 in the collection of Captain Richard C. Mears (1829-1899); print copy of a photograph or drawing of the sea wall in Galveston, Texas; printed on front "SEA WALL AT GALVESTON"; printed on back (above dividing line) "SEA WALL, GALVESTON/ This remarkable bulwark, to protect the City of/ Galveston from a repetition of the disaster of 1900./ The two views presented on this card show in a/ more practical way the process of actual construction./ As previously stated, this work connects with the/ Government Jetties, which extend to sea about six miles/ on either side of the ship channel. The South Jetty/ begins on the easterly end of Galveston Island, and the/ North Jetty on the Belivar Peninsula. They were built/ by the United States Government at a cost of eight/ millions. The building of the Jetties resulted in the/ making of a ship channel that is over 27 feet in depth,/ which will soon be increased to 30 feet under the/ Government contract now being carried out./ Galveston is the principal seaport of the Southwest,/ doing more foreign business than any port south of New/ York, taking the third place in the rank of export ports./ The present available wharf front is six miles in length/ and will furnish accommodation for 91 large ocean going/ vessels./ The cotton exports at Galveston increased from/ 863,000 bales in 1892 to 2,093,000 bales in 1903; for/ the season of 1904-5 the exports are expected to reach/ 2,600,000 bales."; printed on back (below dividing line) "Why Send Your Money away/ for Sewing Machines/ When you can buy the best in your own town/ DIRECT FROM THE MAKER at low prices/ and on better terms./ By this sign/you will/ know/ Singer Stores in/ Every City/ and can find/ Singer Stores/ in every city./ See Singer Store in YOUR city".

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