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Title: The U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.

Accession Number: 2005.34.108
Type: postcard
Place: USA, DC, Washington
Materials: paper
Description: Postcard; The U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.; part of the collection of Captain Richard C. Mears (1829-1899); view of the Capitol building from the outside, most likely a drawing or a colored photograph; printed on the front "THE U. S. CAPITOL, WASHINGTON, D. C."; printed on back (upper left hand corner): "THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL/ sets on a height overlooking the amphi-/ theater of the Potomac, is one of the larg-/ est and stateliest buildings in the world./ It is 751 feet in length and 350 feet in width,/ covering three and a half acres. The statue/ of Freedom on the dome towers 307 feet/ above the esplanade. The cornerstone was/ laid by President Washington in 1793; the/ central building was finished in 1797; and/ the extensions were first occupied by Con-/ gress in 1857 and 1859."; printed on back (left hand side): "PUB. BY THE WASHINGTON NEWS CO., WASHINGTON, D.C."; printed on back (divider down center of card): "MFD BY TB CAMBRIDGE, MASS/ TICHNOR QUALITY VIEWS/ COLORCHROME/ WNC/ WASHINGTON, D.C."; printed on back (left side): "117630/ POST CARD/ THIS PLACE FOR ADDRESS ONLY"; printed on back (space for stamp): "PLACE/ STAMP HERE/ DOMESTIC/ ONE CENT/ FOREIGN/ TWO CENTS".

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