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Title: "The Boundless Deep or The Storm Waves' Song"

Accession Number: 2005.28.2
Type: sheet music
Maker: Markham, J. Harry; Markham Smith & Co.; Naval and Military Star
Place: England, London
Date: 1888
Materials: paper
Description: Sheet music, "The Boundless Deep or The Storm Waves' Song"; written and composed by J. Harry Markham; published by The Naval and Military Star, Markham Smith & Co., Leytonstone, London, 1888; dedicated to Lord Charles Beresford; black and white cover with rope motif border and 2 portrait photographs at top identified as "J. HARRY MARKHAM, AUTHOR & COMPOSER." (man in tuxedo) and "J. HARRY MARKHAM . H.M.S. SULTON, 1882." (man in sailor's uniform); and 2 photographs at bottom identified as "W. J. SMITH, BUSINESS MANAGER." (man in tuxedo) and "W. J. SMITH, H.M.S BOADICEA 1888." (man in sailor's uniform); 4 pages.

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