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Title: United States Coast Guard uniform jacket, after 1964

Accession Number: 2005.19.31
Type: uniform jacket
Place: USA, FL, Miami Beach; USA, VA, Yorktown; USA, CT, New London
Date: after 1964
Materials: cloth
Description: Uniform jacket; United States Coast Guard uniform jacket, after 1964; heavy blue jacket worn by USCG sailor Peter R. Kolasa with two pockets, zipper and buttoned flap; patch on left arm indicates first class petty officer; on upper right arm an American flag patch, lower right arm small shield patch distinguishing Coast Guard; front right bares a circular patch of a gold ring surrounding a thinner red ring, center is white with "DETROIT/ DIESEL" in black; on right side above pocket is a USCGC COURIER (built as COASTAL MESSENGER in 1945) patch, circular, overlaid on two crossed blue anchors, white outer ring with gold trim, inner ring shows North America's Eastern Coast in green and blue, superimposed over coast outline of the COURIER, written in red on outer ring "USCGC COURIER/ WTR-410"; on front left side cross patch, gold on vertical section, black on horizontal, written in white "CUMMINS DIESEL"; above left pocket Coast Guard Academy patch in the shape of a shield, black with gold trim, red, white, and blue diagonal stripe running from upper left to lower right, circle in center has the USCG seal in gold over black, written on seal "U.S. COAST GUARD 1790", written in upper right of patch "ACADEMY"; on right of back white circular patch with blue trim, gold sword running vertically, anchor intersecting perpendicularly, compass points on the diagonal, center is a small blue circle with three red stripes and three white stars, overlaying is a blue circle with "U.S.C.G. RESERVE TRAINING CENTER YORKTOWN, VA." in white; on left of back shield shaped patch, white with blue trim "U.S. COAST GUARD MIAMI BEACH" in gold, below text a red, white, and blue diagonal running from upper right to bottom left, USCG seal in gold on the red; centered on back the outline of a large shield patch that has been removed.

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