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Title: United States Coast Guard book jacket, after 1970

Accession Number: 2005.19.154
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: book jacket
Maker: US Government Printing Office
Place: USA, DC, Washington
Date: after 1970
Materials: paper
Description: Book jacket; United States Coast Guard book jacket owned by USCG sailor Peter Kolasa, after 1970; white with folding instructions with picture diagrams along top edge, on right edge in blue "Help yourself/ in the/ Coast Guard", following in black four paragraphs describing the Coast Guard and different types of service, three headings in blue above paragraphs "Coast Guard Academy", "Coast Guard Reserve", "Regular Enlistment", on right edge a "PLEASE RETURN TO..." section with blanks for "Name/ Address/ City & State/ Phone/ Course/ Day & Hour/ Room. Instructor", beneath the official USCG seal and "For further information see your/ local Coast Guard recruiter./ or write:/ Commandant (G-PMR)/ U.S. Coast Guard/ Washington, D.C. 20590", a chart for course schedule follows; front panel depicts profile of USCG UTB-41300, USCG Pelican Helicopter 1430, USCG NORTHWIND (WAGB 282, built 1942), and USCG SAUK (CRC 99, built 1944); back panel depicts USCG RED CEDAR (WLM-688, built 1970), USCG Lockheed plane 1344, USCGC MELLON (WHEC 717, built 1967), and USCG DILIGENCE (WMEC 616, built 1968); on both front and back panels in red "Help yourself/ to exciting/ opportunities in/ the Coast Guard." Similar to 2005.19.153 and 2005.19.155.

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