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Title: United States Coast Guard racing stripe boat decal

Accession Number: 2005.19.138
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: boat decal
Maker: Minnesota Mining & Manufactoring Co.
Materials: paper
Description: Boat decal; United States Coast Guard racing stripe boat decal owned by USCG sailor Peter Kolasa; boat decal of the official USCG racing stripe,large red and smaller white and blue stripes, on red the USCG seal, a shield within two circles over two crossed anchors, shield is solid blue on top 1/3, vertical red and white stripes on bottom; written in circles around shield "UNITED STATES COAST GUARD/ 1790"; printed on reverse "Scotchlite/ BRAND/ REFLECTIVE SHEETING/ MANUFACTURED UNDER ONE OR/ MORE OF THE FOLLOWING U.S. PATENTS/ NOS 2,790723, 3,493,403/ 3M MINNESOTA MINING &/ MANUFACTORING CO."

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