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Title: Pop-up Valentine's Day card

Accession Number: 2003.82.38
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: valentine
Date: 1920-02-14
Materials: paper
Description: Pop-up Valentine's Day card; three-dimensional card meant to stand up; pop-up card with cut-outs; front piece depicts 2 girls in hats, 1 holding a bouquet of flowers, middle piece features gaff-rigged steam schooner, back piece features two hearts; printed on base (visible when closed) "To my/ Valentine"; printed on front piece "To my/ Valentine"; handwritten on back "Eleanor Packer/ from Clara Williams/ Feb. 14, 1920./ For-get me not/ For-get me never/ For you and I may/ sometime sleep together/ Hope you are feeling/ better." Similar to 2003.82.37.

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