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Title: Illustration of two square-riggers under full sail

Accession Number: 2002.94.296
Type: postcard
Maker: Föreningen Sveriges flotta
Place: Sweden, Stockholm
Date: after 1947
Materials: paper
Description: Postcard; illustrated postcard of two square-riggers under full sail; pen and ink illustration, starboard bow views of square-rigged vessels under full sail, seas are moderate; printed on bottom middle "God Helg; handwriting beneath vessels is illegible; illegible handwriting on front by author of postcard; printed on back "Forlag: Foreningen Sveriges flotta./ Birger Jarlsgatan 18, Stockholm.", "Svensk Æ tillverkning" and "Nar A 29a 44385"; stamp is purple with profile portrait, probably royal, printed on stamp "1907/ 1947/ 10 SVERIGE"; stamp cancellation is illegible; handwriting is illegible and in Swedish or Danish; addressed to "Mr. Bror Tamm,./ 11 Nicholl Str,/ Quincy. Mass./ U.S.A."

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