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Title: "White Squall" movie poster, 1996

Accession Number: 2002.58.3
Type: movie poster
Maker: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.
Place: USA, CA, Burbank
Date: 1996
Materials: paper
Description: Movie poster; "White Squall" double sided movie poster (printing on both sides, back is mirror image of front), 1996; clockwise from top right Jeff Bridges as captain with rigging in background, probably of the ALBATROSS, six young men sitting or standing on boat, rough seas, large unidentified face with mouth wide open, probably screaming; printed on top "JEFF BRIDGES"; printed on bottom "A RIDLEY SCOTT Film/ WHITE SQUALL/ THE STRONGEST WILL IN NATURE IS THE WILL TO SURVIVE."; followed by production, directing, acting, etc. credits; printed on bottom left "PRINTED IN U.S.A."; printed on back, mirror image of front, plus "THIS ONE SHEET IS THE PROPERTY OF BUENA VISTA DISTRIBUTION, INC./ IT IS FURNISHED FOR ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. SALE IS PROHIBITED."

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