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Title: Greeting card, "Good Luck to You in the Navy"

Accession Number: 2002.58.18
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: greeting card
Materials: paper
Description: Greeting card; "Good Luck to You in the Navy" greeting card; four sailors, drawn somewhat child-like, standing at rail of ship in front of vent; railing has ship's wheel emblem with pressed foil (some missing), inside features same four sailors, one dancing with a broom decorated with a wig and hat with flower in brim, one playing the harmonica and two watching; printed on front "GOOD LUCK TO YOU IN THE NAVY/ From the HOME FOLKS"; printed inside "You're a/ Sailor-in/ a Million/ And we'll be glad/ when you've returned,/ a Patriot and a hero-/ to enjoy the peace/ you've earned!"; printed on back "P 5203 B/ MADE IN U. S. A." Thought to be of World War II vintage. Envelope is in correspondence file.

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