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Title: Boys and bunks, brigantine ALBATROSS, Bermuda, 1960

Accession Number: 2002.35.40
Type: 35mm color slide
Maker: Langford, Richard E.
Place: Bermuda
Date: 1960-1961
Description: 35mm color slide from voyage of brigantine ALBATROSS 1960-1961; photographed by Richard E. Langford who was a teacher aboard the vessel when it sank May 2, 1961; he used slides in this collection (2002.35.1-657) for lectures about the sinking. The following transcription is from Richard Langford Collection AV 193:2002-5,6: [TCR 01:08:31]: “That gives you an idea of the kind of bunks they had. The one fellow in the lower bunk is just reaching up to turn out his light. The upper bunk, he’s got a bicycle that he has taken apart and strapped up. The rule was that if you could store it in your bunk, you could have it. And the other boy’s brushing his teeth in front of one of the pulldown Pullman sinks. [Pause between slide trays. Questions in background--can’t hear them well.] [Something about will it bother him if they ask questions.] Not at all, ask away. [beautiful, after all this time, color saturation] That’s what amazed me, that they stayed so vivid after all this time. [unintelligible] Got a lot of those.”

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