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Title: Christmas dinner on board brigantine ALBATROSS, 1960

Accession Number: 2002.35.196
Type: 35mm color slide
Maker: Langford, Richard E.
Date: 1960-1961
Description: 35mm color slide from voyage of brigantine ALBATROSS 1960-1961; photographed by Richard E. Langford who was a teacher aboard the vessel when it sank May 2, 1961; he used slides in this collection (2002.35.1-657) for lectures about the sinking. The following transcription is from Richard Langford Collection AV 193:2002-5,6: [TCR 01:40:47]: “Christmas dinner. My [Richard Langford]beard got a little long, as you can see on the right there. That’s John Perry, first on the left, our math teacher. He started growing a beard--he didn’t keep it too long. Bill Budding, our first mate, is down there wearing the crown at the far end. Spook [George Ptacnik] made two great big turkeys. He had a diesel stove in the galley.”

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