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Title: Sheldon and YANKEE crew member, brigantine ALBATROSS en route to Bermuda, 1960

Accession Number: 2002.35.15
Type: 35mm color slide
Maker: Langford, Richard E.
Date: 1960-1961
Description: 35mm color slide from voyage of brigantine ALBATROSS 1960-1961; photographed by Richard E. Langford who was a teacher aboard the vessel when it sank May 2, 1961; he used slides in this collection (2002.35.1-657) for lectures about the sinking. The following transcription is from Richard Langford Collection AV 193:2002-5,6: [TCR 01:04:21]: “Skipper [Christopher] Sheldon. The boy behind, I don’t remember his name. He was from an old cruise with Irving Johnson on YANKEE. And Skipper had three or four of these fellows that he asked aboard and they came and a couple of women as well, and they helped sail the ship to Bermuda.”

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