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Title: William Porter White, Martha Van Wyck White and G. W. Blunt White

Accession Number: 2002.20.204
Type: photograph
Place: USA, NJ, Morristown
Date: circa 1902
Materials: paper
Description: Photograph mounted on gray board, top middle; William Porter White and Martha Van Wyck White stand in front of Morristown, NJ residence watching G. W. Blunt White, approx. age 6-1/2, with bicycle; handwritten on back "TOP LEFT/ G. W. Blunt White/ MOTHER + FATHER" and "Morristown - N. J. + (?)". Mounted on board with 2002.20.203, 2002.20.205, 2002.20.206, 2002.20.207 and 2002.20.208. Similar to 2002.20.18.

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