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Title: Dinner menu, QUEEN ELIZABETH 2, August 19, 1982

Accession Number: 2002.101.87
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: menu
Maker: Cunard Line
Date: before 1982-08-19
Materials: paper
Description: Steamship memorabilia, dinner menu, QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 (built 1965-1967), August 19, 1982; dinner menu; photograph of double frame sextant; printed on front "Double Frame Sextant/ The principal use of the sextant is for measuring the/ angular distance of objects with the aid of mirrors./ It is still used today for finding one's position/ at sea during the day or night./ The double frame sextant is a very refined design/ of the ordinary mariner's sextant. The main object/ of having a double frame rather than a single was/ to give rigidity and lightness without losing/ accuracy. Very few were made but those that/ survive today have become very collectable. The/ illustrated sextant was made by Shepherd of/ London, Circa 1820./ John Jefferies, Temeraire Antiques, Southampton."; inside features dinner menu.

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