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Title: "Ship's activities of the day," MICHELANGELO, April 28, 1975

Accession Number: 2002.101.17
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: activity program
Maker: Italian Line
Date: before 1975-04-28
Materials: paper
Description: Steamship memorabilia, daily activity program, MICHELANGELO (built 1962-1965), April 28, 1975; guide to the daily shipboard activities; printed on front "programma della giornata/ ship's activites of the day/ programa del dia/ programa do dia" and "Italia NAVIGAZIONE Italian Line; inside is schedule of meals and activities; printed on back "The Good Old Days?.../ AS A MATTER OF CURIOSITY, WE THOUGHT YOU MAY ENJOY KNOWING OF THIS ORDER, ENFORCED/ ON ALL SHIPS SAILING FROM BRITAIN IN 1849 (FACSIMILE OF AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL)."

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