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Title: Houdaille Hydraulic Double-Acting Shock Absorbers advertising poster

Accession Number: 2001.14.2
Type: advertising poster
Maker: Houdaille Industries
Materials: paper
Description: Poster, advertising poster for Houdaille hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers; background of navy blue and green, red, green, blue and white lettering, illustration at right of shock absorbers, at top stylized illustration of automobile speeding along; printed on top "SPEED WITH COMFORT AND SAFETY/ HOUDAILLE/ Hydraulic Double-Acting/ SHOCK ABSORBERS/ Ask about them - We can equip your car/ Standard Equipment on LINCOLN .. PIERCE-ARROW .. STEARNS-KNIGHT/ JORDAN .. CUNNINGHAM .. MCFARLAN and the new FORD ...." One of three posters found in Gingham Gate after purchase by Mystic Seaport, formerly Santin Chevrolet, an automotive garage.

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