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Title: Firestone Sure-footed Traction Tire advertising poster

Accession Number: 2001.14.1
Type: advertising poster
Maker: Firestone Tire Co.
Date: 1929-04-27
Materials: paper
Description: Poster; advertising poster for Firestone sure-footed traction tires; illustration of car tire turning on corner of road with a rocky incline; printed on top above image "LITERARY DIGEST", "April 27, 1929" and "LITERARY DIGEST"; printed at top of image "Sure-footed Traction"; printed at bottom "Firestone"; printed below image "FIRESTONE REACHES AROUND THE WORLD TO SERVE YOU BETTER"; printed at lower right of image "RADIO/ Listen to 'The/ Voice of Firestone'/ on the air every Mon-/ day night. Broadcast/ through 43 stations/ associated with the/ National Broad-/ casting Comp-/ pany."; printed on middle right of image "Safe driving demands Surefooted Traction - tires that grip the road/ at all speeds - that hold when brakes are needed - that provide the/ greatest safety on all roads and pavement - on sharp turns, steep/ grades and slippery streets./ Champion race drivers know this. And they demand Firestone/ Gum-Dipped Tires - not only for their non-skid qualities but for/ their superior carcass - made from longstaple cotton cords manufac-/ tured in Firestone Fabric Mills - with the latest and most efficient/ machinery and methods which give the cords exacly the right/ number of twists to secure the greatest strength and elasticity./ These cords are then treated by Firestone's patented process of dip-/ ping the cords through liquid rubber which saturates and surrounds/ every fiber and every strand with rubber, thus giving additional/ strength and toughness and insurance against friction and heat./ The deep scientifically designed rugged non-skid tread - the/ strong enduring carcass - all unite to provide a degree of safety and/ Surefooted Traction without parallel in tire building./ MOST MILES PER DOLLAR". One of three posters found in Gingham Gate after purchase by Mystic Seaport, formerly Santin Chevrolet, an automotive garage.

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