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Title: Luncheon Menu, PILSUDSKI, June (?) 26, 1937

Accession Number: 2001.126.10
Category: EPHEMERA
Type: menu
Maker: Gdynia America Shipping Lines, Ltd.
Date: before 1937-06-26
Materials: paper
Description: Menu; luncheon menu, PILSUDSKI (built 1934-1935), June (?) 26, 1937; color reproduction printed on front of a general view of Grudziqdz, Poland; inside features dinner menu printed in both Polish and English; printed on back (in Polish, Danish and English) "Coffee, on request, may be served at the Promenade Dece/ Verandah instead of the Dinning (sic) Room.", "Hours of Meals:/ Breadfast from 8.00 - 10.00 A.M./ Luncheon 1st Sitting 12.30 P.M./ " 2nd Sitting 2.00 P.M./ Dinner 1th (sic) Sitting 6.30 P.M./ '" 2nd Sitting 8.00 P.M./ In the interest of all passengers we/ kindly ask you to be punctual/ at meal time." and "FOR WINE-CARD, PLEASE, APPLY TO THE WINE-STEWARD."; printed on back (in Polish and English) "FRONTISPIECE: General view/ of Grudziqdz (population 65.000),/ one of the most interesting towns/ of Pomorze, on the railway line/ from Gdynia to Warsaw, situated/ on a hill overlooking the Vistula/ river./ GDYNIA - AMERICA/ SHIPPING LINES, LTD.", "Z. G. Straszewiczow, Warszawa." and "Printed in Poland."

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