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Title: New Process Paint Oil can label

Accession Number: 2000.38.15
Type: paint can label
Maker: Geo. Kirby Jr. Paint Co.
Place: USA, MA, New Bedford
Materials: paper
Description: Label; white paper with black lettering; paint can label from New Process Paint Oil by Geo. Kirby Jr. Paint Co.; printed on front "NEW PROCESS PAINT OIL/ CHINA WOOD OIL BASE/ The Best Substitute for Linseed Oil./ This Oil is tough and elastic, and can be/ used in White Lead with best results./ DIRECTIONS FOR USE/ For Inside Painting use clear. For Best Outside Painting use half/ Linseed Oil and half New Process Paint Oil. No Dryer required in either/ case." Similar to 2000.38.13, 2000.38.14 and 2000.38.16.

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