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Title: Kirby's Red Composite paint can label

Accession Number: 2000.38.10
Type: paint can label
Maker: Geo. Kirby Jr. Paint Co.
Place: USA, MA, New Bedford
Materials: paper
Description: Label; white paper with red and green lettering; paint can label from Kirby's Red Composite paint; printed on front "ONE QUART/ Red Composite/ FOR BOTTOMS OF ALL POWER AND SAILING VESSELS/ EITHER OF METAL OR WOOD/ The Composite gives a fine smooth sailing bottom, and is the best Anti-Fouling Paint we know of. It/ is a positive protection against the ravages of the Teredo or Salt Water Borer, and re recommend same/ highly to users of Anti-Fouling or Copper Paints./ CAUTION: Stir well before using and apply Two Coats for smoothness and cleanliness./ Composite will adhere to Copper Paint but NOT to ordinary Lead and Zinc Paints./ Manufactured by GEO. KIRBY JR. PAINT CO./ NEW BEDFORD, MASS." Similar to 2000.38.11 and 2000.38.12.

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