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Title: Label for can of Barataria Shrimp

Accession Number: 1999.75
Type: seafood can label
Maker: Dunbar, G.W. & Sons
Place: Gulf of Mexico
Date: Circa 1876
Materials: paper
Description: Barataria shrimp can label; white label with red and green decorative borders; illustration of a garnished shrimp on left side; reads "BARATARIA SHRIMPS/ FRESH FROM THE GULF/ PUT UP BY/ G.W. DUNBAR & SONS/ NEW ORLEANS/ Wash off with Cold Water."; right side reads "BARATARIA SHRIMPS/ FRESH FROM THE GULF./ LABEL PATENTED NOVEMBER, 14TH 1876./ ARE SUFFICIENTLY COOKED FOR/ SALADS, MAYONAISE, AND ALL COLD DISHES,/ READY FOR THE TABLE./ Process and lining for Cans./ Patented June 20th 1876".

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