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Title: Label for can of Rose Brand Shrimp

Accession Number: 1999.74
Type: seafood can label
Maker: Walle & Co.
Place: USA
Date: Circa 1906
Materials: paper
Description: Rose brand shrimp can label; white label with blue border; illustration of a rose and a plate of shrimp; printed across top "SHOULD THE LINING OF THIS CAN BE DISCOLORED, IT WILL IN NO WAY AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE SHRIMP."; guarantee on right reads "THESE SHRIMP/ ARE GUARANTEED BY/ W.A.GORDON & CO., UNDER/ FOOD AND DRUGS ACT, JUNE 30TH, 1906. SERIAL NO 24859"; distributed by W. A. Gordon & Co.; lithographed by "WALLE & CO. LTD".

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