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Title: "The Mother Who Hath a Child at Sea"

Accession Number: 1999.60.2
Type: sheet music
Maker: Lewis, G. W.; Russell, Henry; Atwill's Music Saloon
Place: USA, NY, New York
Date: Circa 1841
Materials: paper
Description: Sheet music for "THE MOTHER WHO HATH A CHILD AT SEA.", A BALLAD./ As sung with great applause by/ MISS ELLEN LEWIS./ The music composed and respectfully dedicated in his friend./ HENRY JOHN SHARPE, ESQ./ BY HENRY RUSSELL."; published by Atwill's Music Saloon (NYC); conver lithograph of a woman looking through a window at a storm over the sea; lithographed by G. W. Lewis; consists of five pages joined by glue.

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