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Accession Number: 1996.31.5119.19
Type: 35 mm black-and-white negative
Maker: Mitchell, Carleton
Place: Panama Canal
Date: 1969
Description: 35 mm black-and-white negative; photographed by Carleton Mitchell; pilot (?) on deck of Grand Banks 42 SANS TERRE; container ship; Panama Canal; taken on a transit of the Panama Canal between the second and third stages of a cruise on board Grand Banks 42 SANS TERRE; 1969; handwritten on original envelope "107-2" and "0904" (corresponds to original Mitchell contact sheet); printed on negative frame number "20A"; for other views of the Panama Canal transit see 1996.31.5118 - 1996.31.5119. Ref: Carleton Mitchell's notes in the C. Mitchell manuscript collection; G.W. Blunt White Library.

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