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Accession Number: 1996.31.3785
Type: safety negative
Maker: Mitchell, Carleton
Place: Sweden, Gotland, Visby
Date: 1949
Description: Safety negative by Carleton Mitchell; view through one of the gates or arches of the city wall surrounding Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden; from the outside looking into the town at a store named "Kruttornets Livsmedel", framed in the archway; several people ride their bicycles past the gate on a stone road; built in the 1200's by Hanseatic League merchants to protect the commercial warehouses from thieves, the surviving 38 citadels rise to 50-66ft; included during a cruise to the Baltic by Carleton Mitchell on board yawl yacht CARIBBEE and William T. Moore aboard yawl yacht ARGYLL, July - September 1949; for views of this cruise see 1996.31.3353-4004; handwritten on original envelope '3905', corresponds to original Mitchell contact; REF: 'Baltic Cruise of the CARIBBEE' "National Geographic Magazine" (98: 605-646, November 1950).

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