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Title: "Ship Charles W. Morgan, Captain George Fred Tilton, Custodian"

Accession Number: 1991.87.5
Type: postcard
Place: USA, MA, South Dartmouth
Materials: paper
Description: Black and white photographic postcard; CHARLES W. MORGAN at Round Hill, MA; caption reads "Ship Charles W. Morgan, Captain George Fred Tilton, Custodian"; port view with oval inset portrait of Tilton as an older man with a hat at top left; printed note on back reads "THE SHIP CHAS. W. MORGAN/ The ship Charles W. Morgan was built in/ New Bedford, Mass. in 1841, and is the/ only whaler in existence today out of a/ fleet of 347 which sailed out of New/ Bedford. It was preserved/ by Colonel/ Edward H. R. Green as a memorial for the/ whaling industry, and is now lying at his/ estate at Round/ Hills, So. Dartmouth, Mass., com-/ manded by Capt. George Fred Tilton." and "Pub. by Henry A. Dickerman & Son, Taunton, Mass."

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