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Title: Lathrop gasoline inboard engine, model M-125

Accession Number: 1991.27
Category: ENGINES
Type: marine engine
Maker: Holley Bros. Co.; James W. Lathrop Company
Place: USA, CT, Mystic
Description: Lathrop gasoline inboard marine engine; 6 cylinder; paint peeling and rust all over engine; stamped plate reads "Lathrop MARINE ENGINE/ TYPE M-125 MNFR'S NO. 47538/ THE LATHROP ENGINE CO./ MYSTIC, CONN., U.S.A. . . ."; other stamped plate reads "NOTICE/ KEEP BACKFIRE TRAP SCREEN CLEAN/ THE LATHROP ENGINE CO."; carburetor mounted on top with stamp "HOLLEY/ DOWN DRAFT/ CARBURATOR" (MODEL D-D-# NO. 42599); 12 spark plugs visible along top.

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